Wednesday, 30 November 2011


Assalamualaikum !
hye guys ! firstly , tolong jawab salam tu dulu ya ^^

recently , we were madly in love with FTISLAND !

ok , but not so mad ~
okay , about the topic today ,,
I just wanna tell you guys who we are in FTISLAND based on our and thier birthday sequence
Don't worry , I'll put up some pictures so you won't be bored ^^
Let's start !

1. Hong Ki : Aisyah ( me me me ! >.< )
I didn't expect that I would be the oldest among us

I wish I had his unique vocal too

2. Jong Hoon : Nisreen
the most manly-looking guy in FTISLAND

The most charimastic looking leader >.<

3. Jae Jin : Hajar
Fake Maknae Jae Jin , his face is so cute ~

Lucky Hajar ~ she likes Jae Jin in FTISLAND

4. Seung Hyun : Anis
I want him !!! huhuhuhuhuhuhu

loves his SMILE ~ *faints*

5. Min Hwan : Aina
Cute Maknae >.<

just enjoy his picture ~
HAHA , i'm actually out of words :P

actually , for us (except for Hajar) ,, we like the other member
let me pair it up ^^

Aina likes Hong Ki
Anis likes Jong Hoon
Nisreen likes Min Hwan
I like Seung Hyun

ok laa
*tiba tiba je cakap melayu*

that's it for now , see you next time

- Aisyah ^^

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