Friday, 25 March 2011


hye, hello, anyeong, konnichiwa!!,

Having co-curricular activities today. Damn tired!!!
But then we enjoying ourselves playing PS2 and makin' chaos in Vanilla house!!
Okay, this is our first post and our officially blog!

HAHA ! CIAOSSU ! Watashi wa Melon desu ! Hi ! I'm Melon !
Warriors Orochi and Dynasty Warriors really rocks !
But now , Vanilla is replacing me , i don't know how to use the joysticks . LOL ^^
Actually , we planned to study together , but , we started to play games and others !
HAHA ! In the end , we just practice for our upcoming oral .
haaa , so sleepy .. , see you again ! jaa nee ! >.<

Nothin' to write... i'm too exhausted ! - Minthe

Anyeong!!! naneun chocola!!!, four words!!,
pinklover, shopaholic, sujuholic, and also!! CHOCOHOLLIC!!,
love those chocolate very much!,
I was thinking who IS the first person that found chocolate??!!,
anybody knows?? raise your hands!! lolx... 
I'm a girly-girl!!! BUT!!! I'm not a bimbos!!,
that's all from me! - chocola *the picture was editted by me!! (O_-) 

nothin' 2 share... just want u 2 know...
I'M one of millions of BELIEBERS out there!!

it's gettin' late..
Till then,

Melon , Minthe , Chocola , Vanilla.

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